About Us


Alpha tech med is a healthcare revenue cycle management and medical billing company that is directed to provide global facilities and specialised solutions for every healthcare problem. We are amongst the dominant providers of technology-driven solutions that alter the patient experience and financial performance of healthcare providers. We have been in the market since 2012 and in this decade of growth and evolution, we brought the most innovative and thought-advancing supervisors in medical billing and revenue cycle management. We offer expertise as a detailed clinical billing company which delivers improved operations and services that will help you maximize your cash reserves. Our professional team specifically calls attention to all aspects, pledging that all of your billing details are suitably overseen. Not only does Alpha tech med have an unrivalled team of consultants but also it keeps up with the latest trends and technology making it extraordinary. We seek a tier of professionalism and adeptness you will not find elsewhere.


Our Goals

We are dedicated to improving healthcare with our customers, physicians and the great team. We wish to prove its mettle across the country by providing top-notch medical building services to an infinite proportion of people in the most cost-effective and advantageous way. In the coming years, Beta Teleservices shall turn out to be the one-stop leading solution for all healthcare problems.